Milhojas, a thousands leaves, are desserts made with puff pastry and filled with velvety and pearly white meringue. It’s a piece of heaven in your mouth. As a young kid I used to look forward to going to my grandpa’s house in El Salvador because he had a small store where he sold groceries, snacks, cheese, and pastries, including milhojas. Going there I knew he’d want to spoil his grandkids so I would always ask for a milhoja. On the long bus ride to get there, all I could think of was getting to his house quickly so I could ask for my long awaited opportunity to eat milhojas. As a kid, my favorite part of a cake was always the frosting and a milhoja is about 90 % percent frosting. Wow! What a perfect dessert.


Milhojas have their roots in French cuisine, better known in France as millefeuilles. Here…

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